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Earth Moving

Road Construction

Plant Hire

Tyre Disposal


Dam Construction/ Lifts

Concrete Jaw


       Minesite Demolition 


Miles Contracting Services specialises in minesite demolition and has a range of attachments that provide options to clients. These include an RD25 concrete pulveriser, rock breakers and specialised screening buckets that attach to our 30 tonne machines. Our 35 tonne excavators can use these attachments to demolish any structures on the mine site. Miles Contracting has the required tools for any special project.


        Exploration Works


Experienced in providing services to mining and drilling companies Miles Contracting Services can provide you with the services you require at every stage of the process from exploration to rehabilitation. Services include lake causeway construction, environmental clearing, drill pad preparation, sample bag removal, digging of drill sumps, water trucks to supply the fluids for the drilling process and all the associated earthworks for camp construction.


Tyre Disposal


Miles Contracting is the leader in tyre disposal throughout the wider Goldfields region. With a large client base and nearly 23 years at the forefront of tyre disposal our team can professionally handle any tyre disposal project. As a licenced controlled waste contractor Miles Contracting Services can collect, downsize and dispose of tyres from motorcycles, cars through to the largest earthmoving equipment. The tyres are cut up to reduce the landfill requirements and are disposed of at a registered waste facility. If you have a waste tyre problem contact us for the solution.


       Civil Earthworks


Miles Contracting Services experienced and safety conscious personnel ensure that your civil works are carried out in a safe, productive and efficient manner. Specialists in trenching works, rockbreaking, excavations, construction site earthworks, backfill and drainage works. Miles Contracting can source and transport to site pad sands, road bases, gravels and coarse aggregate for your civil works or residential requirements. Compaction works can be completed to Australian Standards and compaction tests certified by qualified geotechnical people if required.


       Minesite Services


With 25 years of experience in minesite plant clean ups you will receive specialised service to ensure your site is clean, clear and productive. Providing experienced operators and the right equipment Miles Contracting Services will take care of your minesite services. Mill clean ups, ROM oversize rock-breaking, clean up of spillage and blockages, passive feeding of mills during shutdowns, clearing of mud filled and stormwater sumps will all be taken care of.


        Dam earthworks


Tailing dam lifts, decant lifts, return water dams, pastoral dam clean outs and dam construction and drainage construction to maximise water collection a complete dams earthworks service is provided by Miles Contracting Services. With our tilting batter buckets on 35 tonne machines open drains to grade are part of our service. The excavator has a laser level attachment that ensures water flows are obtained and run off can be directed to where you want it.